Feminist AR punk means realizing later on that you were obviously something else but not a punk: just look at what that movement really is. In the movement’s aging process you see how much it really is all about upholding the path of crappy stereotypes.

Only with some “see what a bunch of special individuals we are in this, our crowd” crap attitude.

I am sorry for all those individuals who were summed up in this idea of “punk”, who were in stark contrast serious about fundamtenal social critique … .

Addendum: 06.08.23

As a teenager in the early 1980ies #punk seemed to be a lot about independency and music stuff that consciously chose not to sell out to silly commercial youth mags and the mainstream business of thinking music in terms of charts. It was a struggle against blurriness then PARTLY:

These days the plastglomerat mindset has become totally normalized in the #punk scene. I could have never differed more. I see thus that what I was as a youth, was obviously not #punk but rather something else, for which I am just trying to find my own word or “own label”.

The bands and tracks I liked were solely those with Animal Rights content or sociologically critical or feminist themes anyway. So I guess all the external visual social codices protest and the music was something more about concrete specific things and not “group identity”. Yes!

Addendum 28.07.2023

“Unpolitical rebellion” – measured against what would be really political (sensitive) today – meets the zeitgeisty feeling about what is “anarchic” the most. With young and old. The comfort zone of the ecozidally operating ‘anthropos’ fighting for his “survival” …

Meanwhile I also understand the partially effective decoupling of some Hardcore/SXE bands at the beginning, of which a former acquaintance always preached to me. Meanwhile you recognize them all only by their really concrete output. Affiliations, sure, too.

“Unpolitische Rebellion” trifft halt – gemessen an dem was heute wirklich politisch (brisant) wäre – das zeitgeistige Empfinden über das, was “anarcho” ist, am meisten. Bei jung wie alt. Die Komfortzone des um sein “Überleben” kämpfenden ökozidal operierenden ‘Anthropos’ …

Inzwischen verstehe ich auch die teilweise wirksame Entkopplung mancher Hardcore/SXE Bands eingangs, von der eine ehemalige Bekannte mir immer predigte. Inzwischen erkennst Du sie allesamt nurnoch an ihrem wirklich konkretem Output. Affiliationen, klar, auch.

The remnants of a movement that once thought of itself as expressing a form of individual freedom, expose themselves as of by now truly as heavily conformist.

Me on the left in the early 80ies with a former acqaintant/peer.

Me 2015.

I have an ambiguous relation to having been a harcore oriented hippy-punk-“punk” from about 1982 until 1985. Still some Impulses that I picked up and some of my own ponderings that time, and last but not least Farangis’ reception in arts about punk and feminism, are something that still create a foundation of a present sentiment and some viewpoints about animal rights, critical queerness and the dissapearance and/or hardships of critical punk within the punk-movement for me today.

This is what we put online about our reception of parts of the 80ies punk movement … :

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