Fotostrecke Tschördy Yegane Arani

Scans of photos 15th September 2021

At the Barrier Block in Brixton London, we hung around in squats here in the early 80ies. I’ve taken these photos some time in the 90ies though. Mid eithies, me looking like a post-punk / new romantic / hippie punk cross-over at that time. Staying with friends in Limburg, TMA (aka as “cryptic letter-writing-culture exchange at the youth-center” !!!) took that pic of me (my right side was short and pink at that time, I later didn’t like it and cut that pic out a bit. My Dad and me with my Mum in Kreta – Farangis took the photo…Continue readingScans of photos 15th September 2021

Tschördy Yegane Arani

Tschördy Gita Yegane Arani

Hallo, ich heiße Tschördy Yegane Arani. Mein Fokus sind Tierrechte. Ich habe eine eigene Definition über das, was Tierrechte im ethischen Sinne und im rechtlichen Sinne konstituieren sollten. Leider kann ich meine Message kaum raustragen, so wie Sie das bestimmt auch kaum können. Man könnte sich irgendwelchen Clustern anschließen, aber das führt auch zu keiner wirklichen Veränderung. Hi! My name is Tschördy Gita Marta Yegane Arani. My other names are Palang Latif or Palang LY. I am an active online publisher, specialized in the fields: Animal Sociology and Animal Rights, Human Rights, Environmental Ethics, and all in relation to Social…