Familie allgemein Fotostrecke

Lothar Yegane Arani, Fotos 2

Ganz faul oder verwegen, sind wir …

Lothar Yegane Arani geb. Prenzel. That was such a thing. When we married we had to decide for one name because it’s not allowed anymore to combine two family names at marriage. Lothar decided to take my surname, which I thought was awesome.

Lothar and I first met randomly when we were teenagers in Offenbach am Main near where he lived with his parents Anni and Horst in the Frankfurter Staße. We would have at that time never thought at all that we’d come together one day and become one family. I would have never thought that he could like me, since I was a punk at that time and that he wasn’t and for some other reasons, connected with general experiences revolving around ethnocentrism in German society at that time. Lothar stuck out with being different in these regards, but I experienced a lot of exclusion and/or prejudices that I got used to think there was some kind of barrier that simply “had to be” … .

I hung around with a former friend called Matina Richter – her nickname was Igelchen, she was also a punk – in front of the horrible Ledermuseum in Offenbach occasionally … .

It later also turned out that Lothar knew my aunt Irmgard since for several years in the 90ies he ran a transport company with four trucks and they regularly delivered items to the company my relatives in the Siegerland own. Lothar originally is a Machinenbauschlossermeister by profession. Later in live he also worked for the Deutsche Bahn as a Beamter for eleven years in the Oberleitungsbau and in the Gleisbau. So similar to me, but in a totally different way Lothar meandered around and didn’t just walk a straight way one could say.

Here is Lothar 1 + 2 at his time at the Bundewehr in 1985 were he was with the Pioniere; pic 3 one or two years later and pic 4 as a kid. And on top on the couch it’s also him of course …