Coming Out Fotostrecke Kranksein


Dieser Textauszug stammt aus einer Sammlung von Schribselkram, den ich 1996, als ich vegan und aktive Tierrechtler*in wurde, verfasst habe. Das war auch die Zeit, in der ich mein Studium wegen chronischer Migräne abbrechen musste. “Love and Psyche” fügten sich bei Lothar und mir logischerweise parallel. Wir beide hatte traumabedingte…Continue readingInitiationen

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A humble start

This text is a bit simple, but it’s an angle that we want to start from with, exactly because we are basically that simple … I should write something about how we’d like to connect Mad Studies, Disability Rights and Animal Rights, since I’d like to find links between theses…Continue readingA humble start

Coming Out

Gita Yegane Arani

Hi! I do and did have to listen all kinds of quite artistic racist speech, allusions and implications, and yes, in the past I also had direct racist slurs directed against me … by people who broadly tend to act as if they are highly anti-racist, today. Racism simply becomes…