The Sect Insect

The Sect Insect is my personal, independently personal I must say, label. Since 1994, I created it for my sound/music composition contributions for exhibition projects by Farangis. I will try to structure my tracklist better, si this is what I am going to try to do here, starting now (probably slowly).

My music teacher has been Dr. Marianne Stoelzel for music theory, counterpoint and composition. I collected other insights on music also from Prof. Maria Jaeger-Jung who taught music theory as an expert for old music.

My style is experimental. I mostly wrote music for Farangis and for features for the work of our Gruppe Messel, as ‘creative Animal Adovcacy work’. We always felt that any measures of creativity, that basically anyone is able to do, can help in giving impulses as food for thought “inbetween the lines”. This idea probably stems from my anarcho-punk past, being mostly into Animal Rights informed punk, back in the early 1980ies. The bands I admire/d are/were: Exit-stance, Conflict, Icons of Filth, Anti-System, Rudimentary Peni, The Apostles [though they didn’t necessarily consider themselves to be punk], Flux of Pink Indians, and a few others that I have forgotten to list now.

Some Tracks I did for exhibits

Travel to You:


Mithras, slow:

Dogs, part 1:

Dogs, part 2:

Former page dedicated to this project of mine:



Tschördy Yegane:



Palang LY:

My first entry/entries for Discogs, citing my Bandcamp release:

Is Your Pain The Same >