animal rights and empowerment Gedichte Säkularer Mystizismus Vom Sterben


Anarcho-Punk und Tierrechte: Poetry Experimental: Is your pain the same (youtube); as recording file in BREATH Gita Yegane Arani aka Palang Latif. PDF-Version from 2007 SheHe puts himherself at the centre of alleverything – they have sex and heshe comes out new and fresh – again one more to add up to the all-human universe – animal waste is waste that matters animals – adding up waste, mouth open for waste, so that something fresh can come out healthy humanely, as necessary necessary necessary human, for humanity enlargening its meaning with own individual density human genuis 6 billion fold…Continue readingBreath


Selective ethical ignorance in conteporary Punk and Hardcore bands

Die ‘Solidarität unter Punks’ (u. in der Hardcoreszene) ist den Leuten heute wichtiger als wo sie ernsthaft politisch stehen: gerade wenn es um Antispe geht. Auch daher bevorzugen wir persönlich eine Abgrenzung von Leuten, die durch Doppelstandards Hetzern das Feld überlassen … Solidarity among punks + in the hardcore scene is more important to people today than where they really stand politically: especially when it comes to #antispe. This is a reason why we prefer to distance ourselves from people who by double standards leave the field to haters. Like this band here calling itself “meat grinder”, calling their hardcore…Continue readingSelective ethical ignorance in conteporary Punk and Hardcore bands