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Feminist AR punk

Feminist AR punk means realizing later on that you were obviously something else but not a punk: just look at what that movement really is. In the movement’s aging process you see how much it really is all about upholding the path of crappy stereotypes. Only with some “see what a bunch of special individuals we are in this, our crowd” crap attitude. I am sorry for all those individuals who were summed up in this idea of “punk”, who were in stark contrast serious about fundamtenal social critique … . Addendum: 06.08.23 As a teenager in the early 1980ies…


Critical creativity

I called Andy Martin of Unit in an email recently a “former punk”, saying how glad I was to know the more kind-of-authentic-people in that context like him. Here is his reply to me which I found so inspiring that I asked him if I could blog his input on that issue: Andy: …what? WHAT? WHAT? ‘PUNK MUSICIAN’? Madam, how dare you! I was never a ‘punk musician’. I was certainly never a punk and plenty of people (especially former band members) would insist I was never a musician either. If I was anything, I was a Mod, albeit one…Continue readingCritical creativity