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Feminist punk

The remnants of a movement that once thought of itself as expressing a form of individual freedom, expose themselves as of by now truly as heavily conformist. Me on the left in the early 80ies with a former acqaintant/peer. Me 2015. I have an ambiguous relation to having been a harcore oriented hippy-punk-“punk” from about 1982 until 1985. Still some Impulses that I picked up and some of my own ponderings that time, and last but not least Farangis’ reception in arts about punk and feminism, are something that still create a foundation of a present sentiment and some viewpoints…


Critical creativity

I called Andy Martin of Unit in an email recently a “former punk”, saying how glad I was to know the more kind-of-authentic-people in that context like him. Here is his reply to me which I found so inspiring that I asked him if I could blog his input on that issue: Andy: …what? WHAT? WHAT? ‘PUNK MUSICIAN’? Madam, how dare you! I was never a ‘punk musician’. I was certainly never a punk and plenty of people (especially former band members) would insist I was never a musician either. If I was anything, I was a Mod, albeit one…Continue readingCritical creativity