Our nonhuman family members

I will talk about “my” dog Tschördy and my other nonhuman animal family-members here.

I have written a text in German about why ‘namegiving’ in reverence to the other is a sign involving your animal friend into the circle of ‘common’ sociability: Autonomierechten einen Namen verleihen: Namensgebung für nichtmenschliche (nm-)Tiere als Zeugnis und Ausdruck sozialer Bezugnahme, the text centers in autonomy and identity, https://simorgh.de/about/autonomierechte-und-identifikation/

My work-project is dedicated to them.

Zal and Rostam Yegane Arani

Panjeh und Keshmesh Yegane Arani

Zal Yegane Arani

Bahman und Palang Yegane Arani, they have their own room and they are never encaged.

Saline and Mithras Yegane Arani. I am happy that they have their own room. Update after moving we still have to renovate Salines’ and Mithras’ room, we are still not finished …

Palang Yegane Arani

Palang und Latif with Miriam

Azadeh Yegane Arani

Tschördy Yegane Arani