Saline and Mithras

Saline and Mithras and me

Shortly after Mithras and Saline came from Offenbach.

Der Käfig ist jetzt lange weg, wir hatten ihn nur zur Beförderung angeschafft – …

I am extremely gracious that Mithras and Saline are finally accommodating themselves more to our new shared home. The got their own room upstairs.

A few photos of Saline and Mithras and me.

Just for the sake of diversion, here are two tracks I made. The first I recorded in 1991 when I lived for one year in Berlin, it’s a rough sketch type of tune. The second is a spntaneous pretty embarrassing track I taped relatively recently – my voice sound silly on there, I am aware of that … .

Antispe: Stairs (MP3)

Antispe: You collaborate with those who talk about instincst (MP3)

So … does this entry in my web-diary need more text? If yes, I want to simply refer you to this here: I am just in the process of re-editing our e-readers. The first one is up now, see: at

To close this entry. Here is more music by me: The Sect Insect

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