I should …

I should basically return to my old NiceSwine-Blog to write in English, but this is personal talk so I am just gonna create this space for myself for it, and yes in English. Currently I am again a bit dissappointed of German Zeitgeist. I am an avid listener to the radio. We only have two talk type of stations, all other stations are music stuff (and boring music even, I tend to listen – if I tune in music – to the one station that plays 80ies charts stuff, well whatever). And yes, on the news on the radio things seem kind of one sided currently. So I went back to my old habit of listenting to ‘foreign’ radio stations, including NPR and BBC Worldservice, which both create somewhat a good balance to just “our” German very-economy-oriented *global* and local outlook. At least that’s how I see it.

I want to show three things of myself, that is: one song, and pic from these days and one pic with my beloved, beloved, beloved Mum!

“Another Cap” – a song I wrote about 15 years ago, I am playing it here in a recording from 2015 I think with my sister’s parnter Jan who also mixed it later for which I thank him a lot. I felt real ill when we recorded it.

A link to this MP3 file.

My beloved Mum, my sisters and me in the Netherlands in the 1970ies. I love my Mum so much. She is my all, my heart, my everything, just love her … 🙂

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