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Me the Retard

Me the Retard

physical+mental violence

me @tschoerdy_ (mind the underscore) after surviving attempted murder, after which some people tried to push me into sucide via mobbing. These people still scare the crap out of me today. “Friends”, acquaintances, even a similar aged female relative. #ableism and #social interactions

Racism, ableism, but foremostly enimity for thinking differently. I see this as the biggest challenge throughout all experiences I have had so far. If you think differently in a fundamental way, your path is accompanied by human hatred. And this can be garnished with any -isms too.

In retrospect I am upset, back then I blamed myself rather. If anyone reading this exprienced / is experiencing anything comparable – you are definitely not alone. Society is basically in its entrails and inner depths a big lie, and people will never admit; some people differ of course.


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