Learning Disabilities

Are you sure you have a learning disability? Autodidactism might be of interest to you

draft. short take on education.

Are you sure you have a learning disability? Autodidactism might be of interest to you.

Learning to cope with a “learning disability” by opting out of a somewhat patially flawed system …

The educational system can be quite disabling. It’s unclear how mechanisms and structures of the educational system can be detrimental, even if diligently sharing knowledge and learning in groups is basically a great basis to learn together on the communal levels.

This is a huge topic and I am not an expert on it. I just made my observations and made my own experiences and do find fault with the educational system as I know it.

This is my take on the Instructor/Teacher – Student level:

Abuse of Power: Most bullying prevention is aimed at students. What happens when adults are the aggressors? Autodidactism can obviously always be an opt out solution if you look at >

Meaning, if someone wants to do something, they can do it/try it nevertheless, totally independently from the educational frame at hand. Educational injustice can operate and occur on the microsocial level. It’s something that drives students away from the system.

Chosing autodidactism must not have anything to do with educational injustice, but it’s something that shows that the potential is in the student/person and not something poured into the kid by school – if school fails, someone can try it on their own, etc. etc.

It has never been studied just how much the educator’s position of power – open in the system and socially hidden on an implicative level – is a constant source of lack of neutrality in the school/educational system.


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