Civic diversity Environmental language fortresses not civic exchange Tidbits on the voelkisches Selbstverstaendnis in the mainstreamed Germany and DACH

From Ecofeminism to Religion with Austrian welfare starlets

In the German-speaking D/A/CH we have vegan/AWRL activists who criticize ecofeminism, without making things concrete, a tidbit > https://t.co/ASvrDAoxYUIn the Western English speaking countries you have a lot of proponents of #ecofeminism The international level > no tied ends. https://t.co/jcKbShGKA5 — on Animal Objectification (@farmtiere) January 1, 2023 The way…WeiterlesenFrom Ecofeminism to Religion with Austrian welfare starlets

Civic diversity fortresses not civic exchange

Opportunistic People Today (1)

Opportunistic people who cater to some general interests of intersecting nation-state type of mindsets … use such a tool as the Fediverse and Mastodon only as a means to an end, and not for forming an open global society. They logically don’t admit their own awareness of the obvious to…WeiterlesenOpportunistic People Today (1)