Civic diversity fortresses not civic exchange

Where activism and social disempowerment part

Added note:

For those who might mistake activism with the strife for making a personal career, and thus ponder about questions of „personal gain“ or „personal failure“:

The constant inbuilt dissappointment on a social level is not something that lands with the activist personally.

Dissappointment in activism is not a personal issue, it’s part of the act of resistance, like: what are you fighting against, what are you opposing. The problems faced are huge and intricate.

The counter-resistance of the system, or otherwise the individual disempowering plane [as described below], just reveals the modus operandi.

Social disempowerment
on the microscale
works by a social repetitive behaviour:
saying to people
„and you think you are gonna change anything with that?“
with the implication that „you“ won’t.

As if a resistant personal stance was about playing the huge lever.

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