We are looking for terms that describe the form of ableist and disablist discrimination that we are discussing here, in part:

To discriminate someone on an ableist basis that she or he speaks differently

To the level of unravelling concepts of language and communication.

Loquiism – might be used but could be misleading though, because communication is manifold, and referring to “loqui” – to speak, could mean that people who think their way of speaking was valid would set the standard for speaking, while they denied for example hypersensitive forms of communication, which equally constitutes speaking – yet only a different form that is not accepted as “speaking” or theoretically implicitly disputed by the vague mass of idea, prejudices and narrow concepts of speaking, held in academic praxis and canons as far as we know them and by the normatively “thinking” majority.

In German we could perhaps say:

“Die Unterscheidung von Sprachwertigkeiten.”

“The distinction between language values.”


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