The anthropogenic imperatives

‘Decolonial’ equally has its way in which is entails hegemonial anthropocentrism.

I just heard a basically very typically animal objectifying and biologistically speciesist phrase in the context of a decolonial vegan project, namely the Aotearoa Liberation League > accessed 29.09.23.

„Is veganism just about the animals or is it part of a broader movement for peace and nonviolence“.

This indicates yet and again to me that in the decolonial thread of vegan human rights activism and perspectivities we do have a normalization that for no obvious reason secondarizes animals and animality as a subcategory to the idea of an all-encompassing „peace“ and notion of „nonviolence“.

This big realm is shaped thus, so it seems, by both: either human destructiveness which then again must be faced by human reason and constructiveness.

The idea that animality is passive in shaping things is to me already a  pre-colonial occurrence that cannot be plausibly separated from Western, Eurocentric notions of a philosophically hegemonial anthropocentrism. And of course the contorted positions in which humans place themselves toward animality has either on any side not vanished in (exerted and the experienced) colonial contexts … .

What is it that would make the phrase „Is veganism just about humans or is it part of a broader movement for peace and nonviolence“ assumably weird for people, where this way of phrasing would be a logical possibility to see things too?

Exactly: the nonhuman contributions and the field and planes of history and own philosophies that animals and animality and nonhumanity pro-actively form are being ignored and not even perceived or considered as a new or old look onto Nonhuman others, in such a standardized decolonial way of thinking.

This issue opens up a lot of questions indeed, and even in the ongoing times of crisis of intra-human conflict and the crucial work done on intra-human history, vegans should be able to handle critique about their anthropogenic tendencies too.

rev. 29.09.23

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