Not even double standards

The völkisch liberators of their own hegemonic claim on Nonhumans / Nonhumanity, as usual: The cloaked strategists …

Wilkommen, bienvenu, look at this hypocrisy using arguments they don’t even care about, if you’d care to double check you’d know, yet they assume nobody will …

So now the völkische Tierbefreiungsbubble > Germanlanguagebased not Animal but rather Self-Liberators go bonkers hoping for a witch hunt against @AbolitionistApp > Prof. Gary L. Francione.

As long as they can stay speciesist in the guise of Animal Lib everything’s accurate for them! Anti-Civic Clusters land.

They use being progressive to be exactly the opposite by simply shifting their oppressive tactics into the supposedly almost invisible sphere. When in reality they thrive on simple social classism. And the anti-discursive academics internationally face no inner critique of course.

The germanlanguagezone is the language zone for undermining others knowing that no one takes notice but that yet again they infiltrate anything they can internationally. A space where civilization lacks civility, and with that social competence and responsibility.

With their affiliations to oppressive German partners and with their obvious speciesist tactics > by staying continuously silent on the proactive steady cradle of speciesism in art > see our critique at [acc. as of 29.09.23]

What do they try to convey with acting like they ever cared about Queerness? Seriously. The structures of their head organization have nothing whatsoever to do with that what this völkisch bunch, with their lose or tight erdogan-ties, preaches. It’s merely about the typical self-protection and/or cloaking via labels to ensure that covers for own interest’s tactics are given.

And thus an important sidenote:

I am continuously sorry for the politically consistent branch of fellow activists in Turkey. In the end of the day the German society and state is a loyal support system to the very politics and structures that oppress the oppositional forces and struggles for civility in Turkey, most prominently this opposition includes the progressive part of the formidable Turkish Animal Rights and the environmental movement – remember Gezi? Germans including German interest groups of almost any kind do have an expansive tendency, observance of the inner life of such segments reveals. And the ideas and strategies they purport in general tend to bolster their approaches and misses on anything that will probably even in the future likely evade them  … .

rev. 29.09.23

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