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Untermining Animal Liberation by saying full Antispe wasn’t necessary at all

Untermining Animal Liberation by saying full Antispe wasn’t necessary at all

People trying to undermine Antispeciesism from within.

The “Animal Lib” movement in the German speaking countries promotes the stance, that Antispe isn’t important on a full scale [1]. At the same time they support the so called “Nyeleni” movement which consists of a range of speciesists (in their popular magazine https://tierbefreiung.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/tb112.pdf)

The “mild speciesism” concept is an ongoing thing with them. I think they derive their theories from the lack of emancipative thought and language. They are a bullwark of the full range of -isms, in their upgraded “Potemkin village” style versions, like coming in disguise.

The main problem with that being, they consciously marginalize the animal rights / animal lib … debate itself, by taking it out from the ethical center, as ethicists. Doing so they basically apply the same tactics as does today’s bioethicism with animal ethics in vivisection.

Another problem is, on the communicative level, that a scene of people is speaking as if they represented everyone. They keep communicating as if it was “their” discourse and they don’t even need to be aware of any possible, even obvious critique.

I think Eurocentrism has it’s high now that “old Europe” fears they might lose their “power”.

Interesting though that if Germanspeaking groups go hand in hand with the “sustainability” speciesist arguments (hence the “mild speciesism” idea where all kinds of speciesist actions are still able to thrive) no one takes notice, because this takes place in a language they don’t care too much about.

If there were groups in the U.S. taking this course publicly, we’d at least have a debate or some critique. Amongst German-speaking scenes this is not going to happen. Not from German POC, from no one. Silencium.

The general mainstream is happy with the idea that others already “take care of the problem”. This in the political air you breathe in these areas of Europe.

[1] A most recent expression in mainstream media was given by the philosopher and animal ethicist F. Schmitz, expressing it wasn’t even necessary to do away with speciesism on a full scale, as long as people stopped supporting industrial aninal ag > for those who understand German, they can watch this interview with Schmitz presenting her new book release, on the Swiss, Austrian, German format “Kulturzeit”.


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