Civic diversity Environmental language

Dominium terrae and communication

A „Worldmandala“

Talking about the environment (Coworld and Withworld)

Animal testing > Climate
Speciesism in art > Climate
Bodily ’slaughter‘ > climate

Nature > destruction of the life that in itself makes up and creates ecosystems > Climate
Not being able to live in the sea > Climate
Interrelations economic, social > Climate
Climate > nature being destroyed from every thinkable and unthinkable angle

(The whole is not the sum of its components, but its the components themselves).

Currently, most people here obviously understand under environmental protection, future building with climate neutral concrete, more production of anthropogenic mass, most of all continuing to ethically degrade nonhumans (acting in their idea of being the crown of creation) killing and murdering them as so called ‚resources‘ …
Buying every year a (from now on) E-vehicle, generating some ultimate social pressure, who will consume enough clothes, splitting the environmental issues neatly, destroying sustainably, and cultivating a bogus morality up to some escalation point, yet meanwhile …

Animality witnesses humanity’s murderous hubris probably in the most extreme ways since the beginning of ‚mankind‘, and now everything evolves around the fear that the victim – nature – will not be ‚providing‘ any more. And even sustainability rhetorics won’t mend this. See.

People want to protect the environment, while they could care less about Nonhumans. The basic attitude in people (the majority of people at least) is not changing.

An whining on an not high yet on an unjust level continues as do the acts of destruction.

@tiertheologie I continue to wonder what role the major religions play in environmental destruction. After all, there are a considerable number of people who support „Dominium terrae“ or at least don’t critically examine the statement.



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