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What’s wrong with Frankfurt am Main

The taste of smear campaign against the former Frankfurt mayor Peter Feldmann ist obvious. Politicians from the federal level, in comparison, don’t get much investigation into the cases the’re involved into and people react with less suspicion about them.

Feldmann leaves the SPD in disspointment. Not all is well with local level of politics, as many of us know, and Frankfurt is a place where many „interests“ meet. What is shameful though is the mobbing mentality of many Frankfurt citizens, left to right.

Just how ridiculous was turning a scene on social media after a soccer win for the ‚Eintracht Frankfurt‘ into a big „as if it was politically relevant“-thing. Something that some people considered an undueful behaviour was getting more attention than actual political activity.

I tweeted about this before:

Why many Frankfurters come across embarrassingly and unpleasantly witch-hunt-mentality-like: they act as if Mr. Feldmann (@OBPeterFeldmann) was the only citizen of Frankfurt ever who could supposedly and at all be entangled in any connections of advantage taking.

You only have to scratch the paint a bit in the city’s history and present. And I would say that the corruption goes, as in many places, from the very top to the very bottom, and largely across the board.

The tactic seems to visibly be to cover each other broadly, and to normalize, with each other, such a spiteful behavior. In such a way that it passes not as *bullying* but as a kind of „righteous indignation“.

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