Civic diversity

Colorblind stockmarket stories

Aldi-Germany is just the spot of a partly representative argument
about whether ppl placement based on ethnicity factors is either progr. or regr.

This has been a long standing discussion that Germany might miss:

It can come across as colourwashing and worse …

And yes, in racist terms.
Some people are used to the idea that it was something great to be seen in ads.
I think enough serious decolonial ppl will likely think otherwise.

It’s a shame that society is about having anyone’s a**/anything on vogue. And that while they moan about losing their future due to industrial consumption and stock market crap.

With the ad-stuff being usually problematic, etc.
how would anyone even care about the next thing with which businesses/ad-makers/the puclic are winding up others:

The one’s who belive in ads?

That society works in prop-agenga-istic terms:
we all know that ads are what they are

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