Nonhumanity and reasons for solidarity (fragment)

Building relations between being “human” and animality and standing in social context with nonhuman animals:

I am non-hierarchical outside the “human” box …

My frame of ethical reference is only cross-secting “humanity” …

I consider my being human as co-integrative with nonhumanity …

My being human is standing in nonbiologistical terms. It is social and mutually philosophical.

Nonhuman and other-than-human principles frame new philosophies: philosophies that we can comprehend and which are outside of – or/and cross-secting the human scope.

Look at non-hierarchical social life for instance in social systems of birds, reptiles, canidae … nonhuman animal groups, seen of course from a non-biologistical standpoint. In the context of getting to learn about other-than-human ethical-sociologies and eco-sociologies we can unsolidarize with oppressive human positions and solidarize with the entire nonhuman and other-than-human social systems as major, primary frames of reference.

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