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The biological term species technically could be said to describe individuals implying the parameter of biological categories. In ethical terms species consist of individuals, and in terms of ethical rights, one could follow, the rights of an individual are theoretically impossible to be denied on grounds that would base on pure ethical reason. 

Sociologically the overthrowing matter of how the human society is structured as a whole towards rights of different-than-human-animals -- namely that is in denial of their rights -- really needs answers that are able to address the critique that the role of nonhuman species, as being put into a position where they are excluded from a socio-ethical frame, is created by humans and cannot be legitimized on whichever characteristics we attribute or say to observe in nonhuman animals.

Nothing has ever been attributed as low a status as animals are overall given by the human society. This created status, lowers the right to live and the right to be free, to attributions the human society makes for their own ends. I think through attributions, we psychologically create connections about what meaning something has to us. Redarding animals, many people make attributions confinded to the status that nonhuman animals have in the frame of that persons society. The status of someone and something, etc. has a determinant meaning in the conceptions of a person within his or her society, and does not imply perspectives that lay outside of the persons and her societies views.

The position into which we manipulatively force nonhuman animals, does have a relevance autodependent of our concepts. People may want to stay in a oppressive relation to their co-species and towards the ethical interrelatedness of animal species; nevetheless the relevance of the problem of this form of ethical exclusion affects contexts that we don't even understand.

Other animals have as much rights as we, to make their own decisions in following their ways in evolution, etc. and as soon as we personally intend to destructively interfere with their rights, we must be able to hold account for imposing a socio-ethical injustice onto inter-species political logicalness.



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