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The false agenda

The false agenda

from greenwashing
to the undifferentiatedness of watering down effective approaches to animal rights
to keeping human rights a feeble contractualist imbalance

Again and again, we have to deal with people who pack animal rights issues into their agendas and benefit massively from the fact that people hope that at this point there will finally be a forward movement in the increased narrowness of the issue.

And again and again these hopes are disappointed, and partly the disappointment drags on for years, because people continue to feed on exactly the hope of others for years, operate through given focal points, and thus operate with hopes and expectations, in order to let them continue to run in an empty cycle, while their actual topics and concerns are massively pushed into the foreground on the back of what in the end simply disappears again into nothingness as an empty promise.

The same problem arises above all through undifferentiatedness, which means that in the end it will always remain unclear whether the important issue that has been boldly held out in front of the audience has really been instrumentalised on purpose, or whether it has been watered down, distorted and made secondary out of sheer undifferentiation?

Of course, one can break such questions down in a friendlier way, to the questions of clarifying what the issues actually really amount to, and how they should actually really be outlined or addressed.

It is clearly not enough – and I think this should be obvious to everyone – to simply make a pretense that you represent this and that issue, concern and desire.

Otherwise (if it was enough thus) there would be no greenwashing, and otherwise there would be a clear and unambiguous approach to human rights – which does not exist, because we always think that one set of rights is more binding than the others, to put it briefly and somewhat bluntly – and there would be clarity about why animal rights cannot get along with human hegemonic claims in religion, culture and science, because, without a real (a very real) paradigm shift this old encrusted idea of human dominance on all levels cannot be seriously questioned.

rev. 24.09.23

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