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From Ecofeminism to Religion with Austrian welfare starlets

In the German-speaking D/A/CH we have vegan/AWRL activists who criticize ecofeminism, without making things concrete, a tidbit > https://t.co/ASvrDAoxYUIn the Western English speaking countries you have a lot of proponents of #ecofeminism The international level > no tied ends. https://t.co/jcKbShGKA5 — on Animal Objectification (@farmtiere) January 1, 2023 The way…WeiterlesenFrom Ecofeminism to Religion with Austrian welfare starlets

Civic diversity

Surprise: the newer-nazi crap

From the intelligent humans guide to navigating contemporary Germany: There is not necessarily any substantial difference in the grade of cultivating perfect mindlessness between any given anti-nazi-account and any pro-nazi-account, apart from the ostentative self-proclamation. In other words: denazification didn’t work. The underlying mindsets were incredibly resilient in passing on…WeiterlesenSurprise: the newer-nazi crap

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Ein Tierrechtsarchiv im D/A/CH, wird wohl kaum gehen

draft 04.12.2022 German „Animal Lib“ (?) archive provides Konrad Lorenz (the „I have always been a nationalsocialist“ behaviourist; https://sciencev1.orf.at/science/news/27585), Bernhard Grizmek, famous ex-zoo director and speciesist Tierfreund. Amongst its English titles it lacks a lot I write this in English for obvious reasons. I never looked at this before, because…WeiterlesenEin Tierrechtsarchiv im D/A/CH, wird wohl kaum gehen