Need-based analogisms as an instrument

“Total Liberation” as a dead end road.

The one single abstract big evil

Partaking in capitalism is also a matter of survival would many people say. Where do you draw the line then? Consumerism?

And the other page

What is a racialized view of speciesism when the flipside of the coin does not work:

a.) justice and injustice is expected to be dealt on a speciesist basis with, all within the human group identity thing and their contractualist phrases of what „right“ comprises

b.) completely different spaces on the map of pathological violence are going on here – it’s like saying the horse/knight takes the same steps on chess such as the tower/rook.

Anyone might say:

if you say things like that you are automatically expelled, by the rational segments of society.

I am insane. There is a single sausage, and then most of humanity – ranging anywhere in the opinion’s spectrums – say „no, this is worse what we are enduring as humans.”?

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