More ways of eliminating the civil society

Visual language and its aisles: Yuliy Ganf, at the Restaurant

Yuliy Abramovich Ganf; Ганф, Юлий Абрамович

Image source: https://www.lambiek.net/artists/g/ganf_yuliy.htm > https://www.lambiek.net/artists/image/g/ganf_yuliy/ganf_yuliy_krokodil195304.jpg (29.01.2023)

Yuliy Ganf: ‚In America – At This Restaurant Only One Person Is Served‘ (Krokodil #4, 1953).

As of this date there isn’t a German entry – yet … – for the artist in the German Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuliy_Ganf

My take on today’s situation:

Nobody is to be held accountable
for the biggest atrocities in human history,
not even the anthropocene.
Not the smallest, not the biggest injustices matter.
So people may say to themselves let’s just all increase the mess.


(Bildsprache und ihre Schneisen)

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