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Where do you stand?

The Crown of the Creation

see Farangis page about it The Crown of the Creation

Animal Rights and Arts, they usually don't go well together. Also, why does the Animal Rights movement does not stir the debate about speciesism in arts more specifically?

From an Animal Rights point of view: What's wrong with the ethics of arts

see my comments relating to the subject on our Visual Opinions Workshop

multicoloured dog by farangis
Multicoloured Dog by Farangis
Hi! it's me, ummm
Gita Yegane Arani-May
aka Palang Latif

Generally, what this page is about

I have decided to discontinue my translation "service", partly because of a lack of time but mostly because of a bunch of other reasons. However, I will occasionally translate a new text regarding veganism and animal rights into German.

So if you are looking for anything in German, you can check my German section, where I will also announce new German additions.

Thinking about that what basically annoys me

I want to add "this and that" on here, to offer similar minded people an alternative to the "usual" view. My thoughts on this site will stand in the context of these basic points:

  1. Can veganism and AR be purely taken as 'technical' terms, that don't imply an endorsement of the "communities inner dynamic"?
  2. Why the h*** are AR people so keen on seeing everything so nakedly biologically and make "sentience" to their indispensalbe tie between ARs and Biology? Humans wouldn't themselves base their own right and will for freedom and libaration from injustices and oppression on purely physiological grounds. Inasmuch we Animal Rights advcates should provide a sound philosophical and ethical bases that includes political, revolutionary and deeply meaningful argumentation to provide a unstoppable source of arguements ( - that people can relate to from all kind of different perspectivical angles!). Animal Rights is a part of our politcal concept, we should phrase it as such, and not just repeat the obvious. Speciesism is a fact, we need to combat it with political ingenuity.
  3. Well, finally a lat point I want to make on my complaints list right here: Can ethics and biology really sucessfully interstect in argumentation, when each takes ground in a totally different field? Ethics base on free will whereas biology forces towards necessitarianism.

Straight talk - not from me, but expresses my views too: Argumentations, Argumentations 2

NO MATTER WHAT: Getting an idea about what is politically going on in the AR sector

Here is a probably very incomplete link list, that collects some of the entrances, through the net, to a heterogenous movement. List of political or/and politically oriented contextual sites.

Here is a poem about ...

A thought about those type of people who have these weird ideas about freedom, not-freedom, and what it means to be a "pet". And no, I believe one should by no means seek to excuse those people's policies of death. I'm talking about so called animal advocates who promote euthanasia.

If you lead a free life - not bound to those people -
some people define that as 'home-less'.
They say you have no value in your live then.
Why do these people think that?
Cos they think they are at home, it seems.

If you lead an imprisoned life - bound to those people -
some people define that as 'pet'.
They say they know what you feel.
Why do they think that?
Cos they think they feel, it seems.

I disdain those type of so called animal advocates, who do not support the no kill movement.

Stray taught

However - here are more of my poems.