the ethics of food : eating : what’s wrong with vegan convenience foods?

Vegan convenience foods are a nice starter for anybody who wants to turn planty in their eating behaviour. But in the long run I assume that any vegan person will find out about the limitations of a dependency on ready-made foods.

First: preparing foods is an important part of learning about foods and their nutritional values.
Secondly, vegan foods should be affordable; a lot of those nice and tasty convenience foods tend to cost more than we should or can spend on our daily eating habits.

If we want to inform others about our vegan lifestyle, we should keep in mind that many people can’t spend tons of money on foods and we should gain ourselves and pass on an informed healthy eating plan.

I myself just started a recipe site, mainly cos of the reason that I want to spread the idea of understanding vegan cooking as something basic and healthy in it’s very straight and pure form.

Learning how to use herbs and spices, using staple foods to get the right nutritional benefits that a vegan diet should ideally entail. Learning about how to prepare foods in a reasonable way, that’s what i think needs some focus.

My recipe site is in German (the link to it is on the right sidebar), but maybe some of you guys get the idea also and share it.


some people think they should put as much money as possible into supporting vegan products and companies. Sure, but supporting sanctuaries still ought to have the highest priority before anything else.

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