President Palin


President Palin. Whichever republican COULD be a next President, if Obama doesn’t get reelected (which I hope WON’t happen, I mean he should stay a second term, of course!) – it will be a catasprophe. The Republicans destroy the possibility of a progress in the american democratic system, because they rule any financing of social buffers out as being something “socialist” and “too much government” and too little free enterprise.

What we saw in Wisconsin shows the huge gap between how democracy is understood by progressives contra the ultra conservative. A Western country in which unions get their mouth shut up!



The country is being sold out by business people, the big banks, the money holders, shareholders in the name of preventing socialism, acting as if s continuous growth in consumerism could save our political stabilities in the West.

The fact that the environment is devoured by the consumers greed doesn’t seem to enter many people’s minds. Not the buyers of crap. Not the ones who make money from crap.

(rev. 25.09.2021)


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