Could be a u-turn

Could be a u-turn (back to a more meaningful future)

RIOTS on the streets are just one visible tip of an iceberg that “the establishment” is gonna hit … . Riots within society in peoples thinking and actions and in their feelings are really what we get aware of now – again, after years of a yuppie-style annihilation of a democratic culture, and this annihilation was brought about by a full commercialisation of any cultural once fruitful soil.

First a problem is being created, then the problem escalates, but who are you gonna blame?

– Does the fault lie with people who follow the one-way type of system, where you only find meaning in life if you can consume? The politicised glorification of the buying power of people is going so far that now something like the ethical consumer is being praised as a civilisatory ideal even.

– Or does the fault lie with the sections of society who think up and manage the production and the merchandizing processes, (the elite workforces, the investors, the banks, the advisors, the advertisement companies)?

Which role does the media play as the huge digestive system between opportunity seeking businessmen and -women, manipulators and the receiving end made up of willing spenders?

Can political institutions and their long arms change something within a menace created by the self-strangling economical system that makes our societies clash from within its own innards?

The people finally won’t have much of a choice when they aren’t left with any place to breathe amongst a type of culture that only gives you space to make sense out of your life if you can afford to have it.

The profiteers have started a cold civil-war against the assumed losers of the societies. The real question will be however if we will be able to create new and different ways of thinking and acting up that will break the chains of the old establishments (our hierarchical human systems) in whichever disguises we even might face them?

NOTE: Things have gotten out of balance when the intent became the real problem.

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