The 19th century anti-vivisectionist Martin Eduard Staudinger

The 19th century anti-vivisectionist Martin Eduard Staudinger

I have mentioned the 19th/early 20th century anti-vivisection activist Martin Eduard Staudinger before, writing:

The grave site of Martin Eduard Staudinger, German Animal Rights advocate and anti-vivisectionist. His grave is on the Hauptfriedhof in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He shares a grave site with his grandmother Dorothea Staudinger geb. Behrends.

On a memorial site for the people who lie resting on the Hauptfriedhof his grave is mentioned as: “146 Grabmal für Martin Eduard Staudinger (1842-1910), Kämpfer gegen die Vivisektion, Gewann C 59″ (, accessed on the 24.08.13)

The inscription on his tombstone reads: Im unermüdlichen Kampfe gegen die Vivisektion und für die Rechte der Tiere = In the untiresome fight against vivisection and for the rights of animals. (

However here is the exact inscription:

Dem unermüdlichen Streiter für
das Recht der Tiere, seine Freunde
im Kampfe gegen die Vivisektion

The untiresome fighter for the right of animals, his friends in the struggle against vivisection.

Below the text body, on page 5 and 6 are two photos of his gravesite.
However now we finally found some more info about him, of particular interest is one of his translation for the British National Anti-Vivisection Society in 1905.

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