Was ist unintelligent?

Leider sind die meisten Links/Snippets unten englischsprachig. Es ist wichtig, sich über Inhalte auszutauschen, das geht auch oral. Das heißt eine Person kann den Text lesen und dem anderen widergeben was darin in etwa steht und um was es geht.

What is intelligence, kinds of intelligence that IQ tests won’t measure, what is stupidity

Amy Sequenzia: Intelligence Is an Ableist Concept

A map on IQ testing also in historical relation to eugenics by
@EugenicsArchive (twitter) #history #ableism

interesting comment > Intelligence is a myth : on deconstructing the roots of cognitive ableism

IQ-tests […] just measure what we decided we would define as aspects of intelligence without an explanation why we even see these aspects as factors that could play into whatever intelligence actually is.

iq, neurodiversity and ableim
Sara Luterman @slooterman (twitter)
“If you purport to care about neurodiversity & are bothered that someone might mistake you for someone with an intellectual disability, please do everyone a favor and see yourself out. Neurodiversity is for everybody, not just people who are good at IQ tests.”

more on iq and ableism:
David M. Perry @Lollardfish (twitter)
IQ is a racist and ableist idea. The concept of IQ is connected to a history of deprivation, sterilization, incarceration, and death. I see a lot of people linking mask-wearing to IQ. /1
2) IQ as an important quality is built in to a lot, and so I see a lot of otherwise well-meaning folks who are usually super alert about language using it specifically. As well as memes and celebrity tweets (Ice T has one right now). Don’t.
3) IQ isn’t real except as a way to measure how people do on IQ tests (which rewards white, upper class, non-disabled, men with higher scores). IQ isn’t a real measure of intelligence.
4) In fact, all our notions of what intelligence is and isn’t comes from ableist ideas about “normal.” There are no insults you can use about intelligence that do not have an ableist past and usually contemporary meaning.
5) That includes: the r-word of course, but also moron, idiot, fool, stupid, dumb, and more. [TW ableism]. I understand people really want to categorize the other as less intelligent and I am not telling you to stop (I call out the r-word and ‘moron’ and let the others go).
6) But actually I wish you would stop it.
7) But let’s really try to skip the “mask wearing is an IQ test” meme. Ok? Ok! Thanks.

If we were really smart, we’d get over our fixation on the IQ test | David Olusoga–smarter-measure

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