Coming Out

Gita Yegane Arani

Hi! I’ve been called all kinds of things (quite artistic racist slurs) … by people who run around today acting as if they are highly anti-racist. Racism simply becomes “refined” I’d think. I’ve been affected by the kind of racism that notices when you are not fitting into the German/ic desired “nordic” normalcy and ideals …

When your family is tied together by Germany and Middle East, people go bonkers about your ethnicity: “How dare you not be either/or!”

Gita Yegane Arani (Palang LY)

My current blogtivities in German:

Mein Fokus sind Tierrechte. Ich habe eine eigene Definition über das, was Tierrechte im ethischen Sinne und im rechtlichen Sinne konstituieren sollten. Leider kann ich meine Message kaum raustragen, so wie Sie das bestimmt auch kaum können. Man könnte sich irgendwelchen Clustern anschließen, aber das führt zu keiner wirklichen Veränderung.

Activists that mention all ethical environmental and social issues except animal rights and speciesism. Sounds familiar? Let’s make these awkward exceptions a cause for criticism.
antibiologistic antispeciesist animal sociology

Civilized Objects / Gruppe Messel

This painting is by Farangis G. Yegane, more about “Punk as a Search for Female Autonomy” can be found here:


I’m a ‘part-time musician’. Here are a few snippets if you are interested:

Note to self: make an updated music-list sometime.