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Tschördy Gita Yegane Arani

Hi! My name is Gita Marta Yegane Arani. My other names are Tschördy and Palang Latif. The access to my main page is here:

and we have a new project to finally start bringing things into a better order:

I do and did have to listen all kinds of quite artistic racist speech, allusions and implications, and yes, in the past I also had direct racist slurs directed against me … by people who broadly tend to act as if they are highly anti-racist, today.

Racism simply becomes more “refined” I think. I’ve been affected by the kind of racism that notices when you are not fitting into the German/ic desired “nordic” normalcy and ideals … .

When your family is tied together by Germany and Middle East, people go bonkers about your ethnicity: “How dare you not be either/or!”. And if you don’t wish to fit into Western mainstream images of being the “mixed-race” type that supposedly applies to you, then you just get blurred out of any of the accepted “ethnic” maps.

I culturally do insist on not identifying as “white”. For information about alternatives to “whiteness” and implications of “whitness”, see my section on “black veganism“.

Whiteness” resembles, in regards to its intra-human derogatoriness, the constituents of the German “völkisches” thinking, which is a locally, nationally and ethnically limited identifier.

If you don’t know anything about how the notion of “völkisch” worked, and how that pattern of racism functions, then you may want to read Miriam Yegane Arani’s (my beloved sister) presentation about “Race as a Visual Ideology” …

Gita Yegane Arani aka Tschördy, Palang LY

My current blogtivities in German:

My focus are Animal Rights – in particular my fields are: Animal Mythologies and nonbiologistic Animal Sociology. I have my own definitions about what should constitute Animal Rights, in ethical and in legal terms, i.e. that a definition of Animal Rights must address all detectable layers where nonhuman-derogation can occur, and that reductionist approaches are categorically insufficient > that is, when humans are willing to grant rights to nonhumans though with the given assuption that nonhuman animal behaviour could be seen and described in reductionist bioloctistic terms. We need a view on animality as cultures, instead of enforcing narrow focal views on them that see animal behaviour as limited (like to territory, foraging, breeding, and what have you).

In short: We need a full emancipative process in regards to becoming a society that endorses Animal Rights.

Unfortunately I can hardly spread my message – as little as you probably can spread yours.

One could join in with any social clusters, but I don’t believe that this will really bring about real change.

Mein Fokus sind Tierrechte. Ich habe eine eigene Definition über das, was Tierrechte im ethischen Sinne und im rechtlichen Sinne konstituieren sollten. Leider kann ich meine Message kaum raustragen, so wie Sie das bestimmt auch kaum können. Man könnte sich irgendwelchen Cluster anschließen, aber das führt auch zu keiner wirklichen Veränderung.

> Activists that mention all ethical environmental and social issues except animal rights and speciesism. Sounds familiar? Let’s make these awkward exceptions a cause for criticism.
antibiologistic antispeciesist animal sociology

Civilized Objects / Gruppe Messel

This painting is by Farangis G. Yegane, more about “Punk as a Search for Female Autonomy” can be found here:


I’m a ‘part-time musician’. Here are a few snippets if you are interested:

Note to self: make an updated music-list sometime.

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