In Memoriam

My beloved Martha Lück

My grandmother Martha Johanna Lück born König, later Flender in her second marriage. My grandfather Wilhelm Lück passed away in 1945. My grandfather Wilhelm always secretly listened to the BBC on the radio, which was of course a quite risky thing to do if you were spotted. My grandfather suffered from asthma since childhood, and he also passed away because of his condition being so feeble from the asthma.

I have a deep bond with my grandmother Martha, also with my other grandmother Cobra Yeganeh Arani. I still have to upload and add a picture of her too here, so that my both beloved grandmothers are one at this place. They did meet, and they did have a friendly and positive relationship, which I am very happy about.


At this point on this personal blog of mine I want to express my sadness about close family members who prove to me that family means closeness to some members and total distance to other ones.

I have a relative, who along with the family she created for herself totally broke with the core family she came from, while betraying them morally and sucking out financial means.

This relative has been discrminating against me since I was twentytwo when I suffered a traumatic experience. She victim-blamed me and ever since calls me mentally disabled – unisono alongside her child.

What happend to me with 22 yeas old was that a person attempted to murder me by entering our house with an axe and by setting the house on fire.

I could gladly flee the scene but I came very close to be caught by that person.

I developed a post-traumatic-stress-disorder. I don’t extend on this here right now. This PTSD is also a reason why I am interested in mental “illness” as a disability and why I sympathize with other people who suffer or have suffered from being discriminated against, for any type of cognitive abberations. I started to blog on that kind of issues here: – where I touch on themes relating to cognitive disabilites.

These days this relative tries to damage me still and the legacy of my sister. She called my sistern mentally feeble too, for unbelievable reasons. Basically she called our entire family mentally crazy, just because of a lot of idealism we shared, which she semeed to have found outlandish and outcastish. My parents, mysibling and I did idealistic work.

This relative is highly adapted, is to my taste, hipocritically religious, likes beings around “important” people and is mainly interested in mainstream issues – working publicly against discrimination while discriminating against my sibling, me and my parents.

So, this relative called my parents toward me, old and senile, when they were only 60 yet. And she and her friends called me and my sibling mentally retarted, for being “weird” in their eyes, for not fitting in their normalcies.

This is so gross, It’s too gross to talk about really. Yet I don’t want to keep it to myself for the rest of my life, so I note it down here … while I ‘pray’ to my grandmothers that they keep their loving hands on my parents spiritual and material legacy.

Abuse within family contexts and among people very close in your social context. is not a subject being discussed in Germany so far on any visible scale. Sadly. It’s a big issue in reality.

I am sure that this relative feels abused by us too, but I have proof that she crossed a line of decency.

I may have to write about that at some point, because I don’t accept to be bullied by a relative anymore: Being closely related is no free pass for social/emotional abuse.

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