The remnants of a movement that once thought of itself as expressing a form of individual freedom, expose themselves as of by now truly as heavily conformist.

Me on the left in the early 80ies with a former acqaintant/peer.

Me 2015.

I have an ambiguous relation to having been a harcore oriented hippy-punk-“punk” from about 1982 until 1985. Still some Impulses that I picked up and some of my own ponderings that time, and last but not least Farangis’ reception in arts about punk and feminism, are something that still create a foundation of a present sentiment and some viewpoints about animal rights, critical queerness and the dissapearance and/or hardships of critical punk within the punk-movement for me today.

This is what we put online about our reception of parts of the 80ies punk movement … :

Punk as a search for female autonomy,

Punk, what next?

Two more pics of me as a punk and me as a mixture between a hippy punk / goth / new romantic (I have never been keen on being photographed as a teen!)

Poem, Punks on the King’s Road,


An Interview with Andy Martin (Unit) former ‘The Apostels’,

Critical creativity; Andy has never been a ‘punk’ yet what was this about the Centro Iberico and Anarcho Punks,

In German (and bits and pieces in English):

Anarcho-Punk und Tierrechte,

Listen > two quick recommendations to listen to:

Exit-stance – the voiceless now have a voice,

Flux of Pink Indians – Tube Disasters,

Baumleben. Bäume schützen, wegen ihrer selbst. Ökopolitischer Baumschutz auf Graswurzelebene.

Antibiologistische Tiersoziologie features:

New Green! Neues Grün!