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Hallo liebe Freunde und/oder Nichtfreunde, die ich aus meinem Leben verabschieden muss:

Der Cyber-“Gaslighter”

Weiterhin wird mein Hund von einer Person im Netz in den Dreck gezogen. Das nervt mich, aber ich werde dieses Gestalke nicht unterbinden können. Man muss mit Deppen auf dieser Welt leben – aber wenn es sein könnte, das das jemand aus dem eigenen Bekanntenkreis macht, dann ist das schon ein Grund mal etwas aufzuräumen. Ich werde nichtsdestotrotz aber auch jegliche Möglichkeit nutzen, die Verantwortlichen für dieses Cyber-Stalking irgendwie dranzukriegen.

Uns wurde empfohlen, wir sollen alle Kontakte meiden, die in Frage kommen könnten derart Aktionen zu bringen, da wir allein damit ausschließen können, dass es zumindest nicht jemand aus dem eigenen Freundeskreis ist, mit dem man dann ja zeitgleich befreundet wäre und die Person würde einen hinterrücks “veräppeln” und emotional verletzen. Der/die Menschen, die so eine Aktion machen, sind im Mindesten Speziesisten – Grund genug Obacht zu haben: denn was in aller Welt hat Euch/Dir denn “mein” Hund getan, dass Ihr Witze über ihn machen müsst??? Die ganze Sache erinnert mich an einen Mobbingvorfall, den ich mal auf einer Klassenfahrt in 5. Klasse erlebt habe. Ein Mädchen wurde fertig gemacht, indem man ihren Teddy (Tierverkörperung) eine Wurst/Fleisch zwischen die Beine band. Eine vollbepackt speziesistische Aktion, in der man das Tierliche als leicht verletzbar vorführt, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes.

Der ewige Mansplainer und CIS-Advokat

Ich habe seit 2003 überlegt einen Schritt in die Richtung zur Ungeschlechtlichkeit zu machen, aber jetzt erst merke ich, wie wichtig mir ist diese Neudefinition vorzunehmen und mein Recht darauf durchzusetzen … . Ich finde CIS-Menschen jeglicher coleur problematisch, weil sie einen vom Grundsatz her sexualisierten Weltbild anhängen und die primäre Individualität von Anderen dadurch permanent unterzuordnen geneigt sind.

Der white-ignorance-promotende verkappte Rassist im politisch korrekten Mäntelchen

Ich muss mich von Menschen radikal distanzieren, die mir das Gefühl vermitteln “Ausländer” oder “Halbausländer” zu sein … “durchrasst”! Ich habe mich lange genug mit Antirassismus in der Theorie befasst und jetzt ist es Zeit für die Umsetzung in die persönlich erlebte und gelebte Praxis.

Für mich ist Rassismus mehr als einfach ein AFD-Wähler. Ich definiere selbst, was für mich ein Rassist ist. Und genau das ist Rassismus, wenn andere mir erklären wollen, was Rassismus ist.

My new gender is 70ies Goth, I am old and grey now, and I love my cows, calves, dogs and all other nonhuman animals – pl


Saline and Mithras

Saline and Mithras and me

Shortly after Mithras and Saline came from Offenbach.

Der Käfig ist jetzt lange weg, wir hatten ihn nur zur Beförderung angeschafft – …

I am extremely gracious that Mithras and Saline are finally accommodating themselves more to our new shared home. The got their own room upstairs.

A few photos of Saline and Mithras and me.

Just for the sake of diversion, here are two tracks I made. The first I recorded in 1991 when I lived for one year in Berlin, it’s a rough sketch type of tune. The second is a spntaneous pretty embarrassing track I taped relatively recently – my voice sound silly on there, I am aware of that … .

Antispe: Stairs (MP3)

Antispe: You collaborate with those who talk about instincst (MP3)

So … does this entry in my web-diary need more text? If yes, I want to simply refer you to this here: I am just in the process of re-editing our e-readers. The first one is up now, see: at

To close this entry. Here is more music by me: The Sect Insect


Punk as a search for female autonomy

The linoleum print by Farangis

In some biografical context with our page about ‘punk as a search for female autonomy‘ and things … :

Talking about having been a punk in the early 80ies. The photo from the left is from 1983, the year when Rudimentary Peni released their album Death Church, one of the records that would most definitely influence my future.

Already at the 5th class in school I messed around with any things I could find that went into a punk-type of direction. I later figured out that any of the people I met who ran around as punks, everyone had their own kind of mosaic they set together, consisting of bands, messages, expressions and probably ideas.

The punk scene in the town I lived was basically racist or very “völkisch” – minded – they would never admit that today where people at least act more informed. There were one or two ethnic minority type of people in the “scene” here, yet in my perception they seemed to bend themselves pretty extremely in order to match into the dynamics of the “scene”.

I considered the punks in the town to be pseudo to my taste – one part of them was oriented towards the end 70ies kind of still rock-n-roll-influenced punk (the kind of music where a certain type of “maleness” was still heavily given expression), the other part were hardly into any music developments, but rather consumed what the “scene” circulated, they hung around drinking and chatting, making themselves visible in the “scene” by playing some role, going to gigs for “fun” sake to prove their authenticity. After all this was what made up the movement – the international aspect of political grassroots independent crappily played music that was exchanged/expressed/played.

Problem was we didn’t have the exciting bands coming here. So to me this meant visiting GB a lot.

The aspect of punk being a protest movement was only the looks and the bunching up in a group with some locally typical kind of group behaviour and rites amongst the punks (and later partly the “autonomous” people in the town where I lived. The autonomous scene later kind of realized that punk was about voicing socio-political issues, but they heavily stumbled over their völkische dynamics again – they still do up till today. Germany is full of cosmetic diversity, and sometimes I get the impression the ethnic mins here are comfy with it …  long issues and to complicated to fit into a random note about the early 80ies).

I met no one whom I could a.) make music together with that would contain like feminist or/and animal rights messages b.) I met no one whom I could talk critically about society with. It was a plain desert of concerted superfiliatiy in how imported subculture was translated into onw subculture, boasting group danamics, standard, partly graspable partly subtle völkischem Gehabe of urban German cold-war-times adolescence … .


So you would find the excellent records of bands such as Icons of Filth, Rudimentary Peni, Conflict, Crass, The Apostles, Flux of Pink Indians, Exit-Stance, Subhumans to name a few in some record shop/s downtown and in Berlin for example, or you could get infos/tapes from people abroad who’d potentially focus differently in their choices (of what they considered recommendable), yet the punk movement in the town where I lived as a youth was like … insert anything mentally nauseating.

No wonder Germany is the only place where punk was to become the fame room for soccer-type groaling virility in music – harcore riffs turned völkisch progressiv, markedly anti-racist, in case one doesn’t sense that right away. The point that hardcore makes it to the maistream here is the interesting fact that needs to be analyzed.

If I was an anthropologist into music science I would make a systematic comparison of bands and tracks from here with genre-close bands and tracks from abroad.

To sum my sentiment about my practiced youth culture up I notice there are two main sides to it. One is the experiences I made locally in Germany.

I figure most white people here who identify as Germans likes clear lines, clear groups, clear identities you belong to, no threatening of demarkation lines. You have s box, for instance for “hardcore”, and if a track is designated and fitting the box, fine, it is what it is then, but the hidden lines, the subtleties, the more complex realities are blurred out and have no accepted space here. It’s a play with labels, fitted with content that may undermine the ideas that underlied the evolvelent of an imported lable.

A random personal top ten in punk and hardcore or some songs I would recoomend to the people I met in the past – to understand why I still think they are very very pseudo with the selection of their bands/messages/political outlooks:

The Apostles – Proletarian Autonomy




english_dogs_left me for dead

discharge hell on earth

Destructors – Image

Confirmed_Kill__Chains_of_Production ( less knows hence a link to find it easily )

Burnt Cross ‘look into their eyes’

Broken Bones Decapitated

Bad Brains – Give thanks and praise_jah love

Anti_System_Wot_No Meat

The Ex A Sense Of Tumour –

Flux of Pink Indians Tube Disasters

Now that I grew old I felt I once needed to die my hair again. Here a grumpy pic, I am there together with my hubby Lothar, below more friendly looking (after bleaching I lost a lot of hair, unfortunately, well).

Manuchehr Jamali

Fruit without Seeds

Fruit without Seeds!

Manuchehr Jamali, translation G.Yegane Arani-May

Man knows that truth is a fruit without seeds,
Truth, he knows, must pacify and satisfy your palate,

Hadn’t it been paradises fruit that he’d eaten,
And of which he’d spat out its seeds in disgust,
And said why God would have to place in fruit with sweetness,
teeth breaking rocks,

The devil though knew, that ripe fruit would bear heavy stones.
And seeds of “visionary fruits” would break the “questions” of the teeth!

The devil planted the seeds, that man spat with anger,
And over time grew another plant, and he’d create another paradise.
One that would produce fruit without seeds, and sights without questions!

And man, thrown out of paradise for eating God’s fruit,
Was so put back into God’s paradise,

And went with Satan’s paradisical insights,
Offering taste and comfort,

And the fruit, within him, would contain no seeds of questions.

Tired from painfully planting the seeds and cultivation,
And from the burden of growing and work,
The task became a bane.

Since then the devil would be in heaven,
That “knowledge without doubts” was achieved,
And a truth of “fruit without seeds” known,
And the truth without question be swallowed.

And man did not know that truth is the Creator,
Whose seeds become questions,
And that the knowledge that these questions developed, he would not find,
and thus not have the truth.

So he named the devil’s paradise, God’s paradise,
And God’s paradise would be named: a lie that’s past!


مـيـوهِ بى تـُخـمـه !

آدم ، حقيقت را ميوه بى تخمه ميدانست
حقيقت را بينشى ميدانست كه بايد از آن كام برد و به آرامش رسيد ،
و ميوه هاى بهشت را كه ميخورد ،
تخمه هايش را با نفرت از دهان بيرون ميافكند ،
و ميگفت كه چرا خدا در ميوه هاى به اين شيرينى ،
سنگهاى دندان شكن گذاشته ،
ولى ابليس ميدانست كه ميوه نرم ، زهدان تخمه سنگين است .
و تخمهِ « ميوه بينش » ، « پرسش » دندان شكـنـست !
ابليس ، تخمه هائى را كه آدم با خشم از دهان بيرون ميافكند ،
در زمينى ديگر كاشت و بهشتى ديگر آفريد.
كه ميوه ها ى بى سنگ ، و بينش ها بى سئوال بودند !
و آدم كه از ميوه هاى بهشت خدا ، بيزار شده بود ،
پشت به بهشت خدا كرد ،
و به سراغ بهشت ابليس رفت ،
كه كام را شيرين ميكرد و آرامش ميبخشيد ،
و ميوه بينش در خود ، هيچ تخم پرسشى نداشت.
او از كاشتن رنج آور تخمه ، و پرورش آن ،
و خطرهاى كشت و كار ، بيزار بود
و ازآن پس در بهشت ابليس ماند ،
كه « معرفت بى سئوال » داشت .
او حقيقت را ، « ميوه بى تخمه » ميدانست ،
و حقيتهاى بى سئوال را ، مصرف ميكرد
ونميدانست كه حقيقت ، آنگاه آفريننده است ،
كه تخمه اش ، سئوال باشد ،
ومعرفتى كه ازآن سئوالى پيدايش نمييابد ، حقيقتى هم ندارد
او بهشت ابليس را ، بهشت خدا ناميد،
و نام بهشت خدا را دوزخ گذاشت!

This poem in Persian as a PDF

Jamali reads Miweh bi Tokhme. The paintings above are by Farangis, they were exhibited at a chapel in the Taunus region at that time.

Manuchehr Jamali

Justice that doesn’t create freedom

Justice that doesn’t create freedom is no justice and freedom that doesn’t create justice is no freedom.
Freedom that blocks justice and justice that blocks freedom is inhuman, since both, freedom and justice, stem from basic humanness, by destroying each other, they destroy humanity.

Gerechtigkeit die keine Freiheit schafft, ist keine Gerechtigkeit, und Freiheit die keine Gerechtigkeit schafft, ist keine Freiheit
,Freiheit die Gerechtigkeit hindert und Gerechtigkeit die Freiheit hindert beide ist inhuman, denn sowohl Freiheit als auch Gerechtigkeit stammen aus der Menschlichkeit, und wenn sie sich gegenseitig vernichteten, vernichteten sie auch das Menschsein

عـدالتی که آزادی نیافـریند، عـدالت نیست
آزادئی که عـدالت نیافرینـد، آزادی نیسـت
آزادئی که عـدالت را ازبیـن میبـرد و
عدالتی که آزادی را ازبین میبرد، انسانی نیستند
آزادی وعدالت باهم ازانسان زاده میشوند
و با جداشدن از همدیگر، انسان را نابود میسازند

Farangis G. Yegane Manuchehr Jamali Miriam Y. Arani

My beloved parents

Farangis G. Yegane, above with Manuchehr Jamali, Djamileh Yeganeh Arani, us kids and Sassan.

Denksperren beseitigen

Vom Leuchtturm heraus

Wenn ich mir Leute anschaue, mit denen ich mal etwas “zu tun” hatte, dann wundere ich mich nur. Mit Leuten zu tun zu haben ist eine Katastrophe, weil Leute, die einen aus ihren persönlichen Eindrücken erfassen möchten, über die “private Ebene” destruktiv ihren Minimalkampf führen wollen, gegen irgendwas, was nicht in ihr System passt und zerstörbar erscheint.

Leute die ich sehe, die ich mal kannte, ob sie sich aus solchen Beschreibungen erkennen würden: … die eine schreibt ständig über “Omasex”, die andere meint sie wäre spirituell wenn sie neospießigen Exotismus betreibt, zahlreiche hängen sich an die, die rumscheffeln auf unseren Kulturfriedhöfen, die meisten leben in Clustern, keiner führt ein eigenes Leben, keiner hat eigene Ideale, so tragen alle stolz ihr kleines Stückchen bei, es bleibt bei allem, wir gehen an ihnen vorbei im Leben und im Tod.

In Memoriam

My beloved Martha Lück

My grandmother Martha Johanna Lück born König, later Flender in her second marriage. My grandfather Wilhelm Lück passed away in 1945. My grandfather Wilhelm always secretly listened to the BBC on the radio, which was of course a quite risky thing to do if you were spotted. My grandfather suffered from asthma since childhood, and he also passed away because of his condition being so feeble from the asthma.

I have a deep bond with my grandmother Martha, also with my other grandmother Cobra Yeganeh Arani. I still have to upload and add a picture of her too here, so that my both beloved grandmothers are one at this place. They did meet, and they did have a friendly and positive relationship, which I am very happy about.


At this point on this personal blog of mine I want to express my sadness about close family members who prove to me that family means closeness to some members and total distance to other ones.

I have a sibling who along with the family she created for herself totally broke with the core family she came from, while betraying them morally and sucking out financial means … This sibling has been discrminating against me since I was twentytwo when I suffered a traumatic experience. She victim-blamed me and ever since calls me mentally disabled – unisono alongside her dauther.

What happend to me with 22 yeas old was that a person attempted to murder me by entering our house with an axe and by setting the house on fire. I could gladly flee the scene but I came very close to be caught by that person. I developed a post-traumatic-stress-disorder. I don’t extend on this here right now, this PTSD is also a reason why I am interested in mental “illness” as a disability and why I sympathize with other people who suffer or have suffered from being discriminated against for any type of cognitive abberations (I started to blog on that kind of issues here: – where I touch on themes relating to cognitive disabilites).

These days this sibling tries to damage me still and the legacy of my other sibling. She called my other sibling mentally feeble too, for unbelievable reasons. Basically she called our entire family mentally crazy, just because of a lot of idealism we shared, which she semeed to have found outlandish and outcastish.

My parents, my other sibling and I did idealistic work, the other sibling prefered to go for being adapted, being hipocritically religious, beings around “important” people and issues. I feel she created a fassade by working publicly against discrimination while discriminating against my sibling, me and my parents.

She called my parents old and senile when they were only 60 yet, and she and her friends called me and my other sibling mentally retarted. For being “weird” in their eyes, not fitting in their normalcies.

This is so gross, It’s too gross to talk about really. Yet I don’t want to keep it to myself for the rest of my life, so I note it down here … while I pray to my grandmothers that they keep their sacred hands on my parents spiritual and material legacy.

Sibling abuse is not a subject being discussed in Germany so far on any visible scale. Sadly. It’s a big issue in reality. I am sure that sibling feels abused by us too, but I have proof that she crossed a line of decency. I will probaly write about this at some point, because I don’t accept to be bullied by a sibling/relative anymore. Being closely related is no free pass for social/emotional abuse.

Farangis G. Yegane Manuchehr Jamali

Meine liebste Liebste, Farangis G. Yegane

farangis g. yegane, mit Frau Hörnemann, Manuchehr Jamali und mir


Looking at myself: palang ly

gita yegane arani