Vegan Bands: We asked Painted Wolves drummer Mattias about his thoughts on the contexts of ethical veganism

We asked Mattias of the Swedish vegan hardcore metal punk band PAINTED WOLVES (bandcampfacebook) if he could word for us what ethical veganism implies to him, also in regards to an all-encompassing intersectionality:

“‘If I can do some good I want to do it. If I have a choice I want to make it. It’s my human responsibility.’

Brilliant words by a brilliant band, one of my favorites ever: EMBRACE.

If we have the possibility to minimize suffering and damage in this world then why should we not try? If we have a choice then why should we not make it?

We’d all grow and evolve in a world without barriers. Until the last lock breaks none of us are free.”

Our favourite track on Painted Wolves album S/T is ‘Serve the Serpent’

Mattias is also with Anchor, Blessings and Nerve.

A link to the song cited.

PAINTED WOLVES latest (12″ 6-track) album: S/T has been released in June 2013. And yes, it’s vinyl:!