“After all we are all human” – yes, but we are all so different

“After all we are all human” – yes, but we are all so different, and I think we should rethink “our” humanistic values, about which we theoretically and practically learn at school first and later possibly at the universities.

THINKING doesn’t need hierarchies. Thinking is the innermost ability in any individual to make her/his own decisions. Schools and academia, such as both institutions function now, create hierarchies.

The only way you “learn” to think there. is to draw together that what others have already said, and to quote them and draw conclusions based on your findings. But you can never draw from any new thought, any new idea. You can’t just think by yourself and take other points of reference – observations that are new or different, and haven’t been written about yet – into full consideration.

Thinking is an individual process. The way you learn to reason in school though, is to make thinking a common and collective process. Also mind: a thought doesn’t even have to be intelligible, to be valuable and rich in meaning, for the thinker and her/his context.

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